These days, the Internet is mostly the means of communication especially with people living far from each other, such as those working abroad away from their families. Everything is fast and easy when it is done online. The means of communication has improved a lot since then but, of course, we have to consider that to every great thing or good opportunity, there are always setbacks to it. Just like in online communication, most people come to benefit from it especially with the technology today, but there are always two sides to every story. In online communication, there are also strengths and weaknesses. Let me lay it down to you one by one.



  1. Fast – communication is fast when done online. Nowadays, the internet is the main source of communication. The use of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter and the like are the most common. Wherever you are located in the world, you can connect to anyone anywhere anytime as long as you are online.
  2. Less effort – compared to communication before which includes snail mail, today communication can be done in an instant. You don’t have to use a pen and a paper to compose your message and go to the post office to send your letter. Mailing takes days, some even months before it reaches the receiver and it’s not practical nowadays.
  3. Accessible – online communication is very accessible to everyone. This is most helpful especially during emergency situations and in times of difficulties and trouble. Anyone can go online anytime and through this people are easily informed of new happenings and events around the world.
  4. Multiple means – there are a lot ways to utilize online communication. By communicating online you send not only text messages but also images, most especially your recent photos, and even videos. You could also do video calls. The Internet had made communication faster, easier, and more fun.



  1. No internet, no online communication – in online communication, having an internet connection is an essential for without an Internet connection one won’t be able to communicate online.
  2. Miscommunication – in online communication, a lot of people fight because of misinterpretation of the message they receive, this especially happens with online chatting.
  3. Keeps you away from the real world – using the internet for online communication keeps you away from the real world. You become addicted to being online forgetting what is happening around you outside of the internet world.
  4. Scam – sometimes you’d be deceived by different information online, you’ll just realize in the end that it’s a scam. Nowadays, many people use online communication to make money by deceiving people with “great” opportunities.
  5. Harassment – in the generation today, people are more vocal and expressive in any way that sometimes they are able to offend and even harass others through their words, online posts and the like.


These are just some of the strengths and weaknesses of online communication. Now that we know this, the way online communication will be used will depend on you. It’s either you use it right or you let the internet consume you and forget the real world.


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