The development of new technological innovations has now become rampant and progressive nowadays. Everyone seems to practice being “paperless.” However, the growing and thriving communities today are those involved in business and marketing. In this article, we will be discussing the marketing perspective in a virtual community.

To create this article, I asked a few of my friends who are currently involved in online selling and also did a few research on the idea itself. Why go online when you can practice selling the old-fashioned way? But why not, though, right?

Marketing is advertising your products to the people. Is it a hard job to do? Yes. But only if you have no means to connect to the Internet. Now, with just one click, you can market your products not only to a certain community but to all communities. Today, people create advertisements and post them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or on their official web pages.

I asked some people I knew how much they earned through online selling as compared to the traditional way of selling. They all told me that online selling brought them more revenues because it was fast. But fast how? The Internet gave them the opportunity to create faster transactions. When they post it online, the people can easily comment on the advertisement or contact the numbers placed on the ad itself. The buyers don’t need to walk or go out for a drive to go to their favorite store to buy what they need; they only need to check online and have it shipped directly to their home.

Now, nobody needs to worry about getting what they want and need. The challenge for sellers, however, is the pace at which they are going. With the increase of orders and the advent of technological development, sellers need to keep up with their buyers by serving them in a way that they are able to receive their orders on time and with less hassle. One of the challenges that my friend had was when the Internet connection would act up. When the signal gets too low, she would not be able to access here accounts and would leave buyers waiting for hours to get a reply. Despite this inconvenience, things are quite easy to manage.

It’s amazing how this era’s community has found a way to make things a little easier. However, people still need to be careful with what they order online. The virtual community has been scammed, the buyers have been scammed. Some things are not even too safe anymore. This is one of the reasons why the virtual community created systems to detect information breach to keep their customers and their identities safe in case some people with negative intentions try to hack the system.

The Internet has made marketing easy. Innovation has come to light and people have been enjoying this liberty for a while now. The virtual community can’t wait for more.

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