Technological experts have paved the way to a better communication system. Before, we had to install telephones to our homes and pay an expensive amount of money to call overseas. Now, we can do it for free. With the advent of technological development, these experts have created social media applications so that we could contact our friends better.

Do some of you remember MySpace and Friendster back in the early 2000s? At that time, we could easily add our friends and place comments and messages on their profiles. Now, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all other social media applications ever created. Don’t forget, e-mail has been helping us a lot.

But how do we see these social media applications? How do we value them in our day to day lives? I have an aunt who lives overseas and she needed to contact her mother in the Philippines. For years, she had to contact her mom through her phone and had to pay huge amounts for the hours she spent talking to her mom. When Facebook came to light, she was so ecstatic because she could now easily chat with her mom and get a reply after a couple of seconds for free! Just imagine the joy of the people who had the same experience.

Online interactions are very important unless they are used in a bad way. These technological developments gave people the chance to interact with their families who are away from them. It’s not just Facebook Messenger giving joy to people, but Facebook itself. Social media applications have helped people find their real parents and long-lost brothers and sisters. At one occasion, a girl even found out that she had a twin by browsing through it.

Should anyone be asked about the value of online interaction, I believe most people would say that it is the biggest blessing given by the gods of the Internet. This development has brought families together and fixed many broken relationships. Online interaction has also brought people together, those who do not know each other but through social media, they met and fell in love. Through social interaction, people are also more easily updated with the lives of others who are dear and important to them. Although social media has brought to light some instances of abuse, these would not happen if people are careful with what they share online. Some people still do not practice safety and believe that they are invulnerable. The Internet and all its other media platforms are only safe when you practice safety itself. Do not abuse the gifts given to you; rather, treasure them and use them wisely and as they are supposed to be used.

Overall, online interaction is important to the community so they may contact their friends, families, and loved ones. Even this platform has made work easier and provided other individual who seek jobs find one. This technological advancement is such a help to the people in a way that social interaction and the like serve as distressors after a long day at work.

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