One of the biggest advancements in the virtual community is the learning community. In the virtual learning community, people can easily enroll in courses that they are interested in and go to school online. Here, we will be studying the differences between virtual learning communities and traditional communities.

What are traditional learning communities? Schools are traditional learning communities. The schools where we went to in grade school, high school, and college, where we were taught what we know now. Traditionally, we go to normal schools with real buildings and teachers and classmates that we can interact with. We are called to recite and we are asked to participate in different programs not only to learn but also to be able to enjoy the mere advantages of going to school.

What are the main differences between these communities?

  1. The traditional school is an institution built with buildings, classrooms, and teachers, while the virtual learning communities are schools you can access and learn from through online surfing.
  2. Traditional schools are more interactive as compared to virtual learning communities.
  3. Traditional schools cost more than virtual learning communities.
  4. Virtual learning communities are less hassle than traditional learning communities.

There are more differences between the two, but these are only some of the most obvious ones we can easily see. So which one is more convenient? Most people would say that their choice would be the virtual learning communities. Virtual communities open up a way for working individuals to be able to go to school in a less stressful way. In virtual communities, you enroll online and pay through online banking. When class starts, you are assigned different projects and assignments which you can to at a limited time to be passed on the deadline. It’s basically the same as going to a traditional school. The only difference is that virtual communities are online which means that students who aim to enroll in virtual learning communities need to secure an internet connection to go to school. Virtual learning communities are less interactive. Also, when you finish a course, you are given a certificate. But which is preferable though? I can’t say for sure because some people say that virtual schools are better and some say that traditional schools provide better education. I guess it all comes down to the quality of education these communities offer. But judgments differ from person to person. For those people who understand faster than most, they prefer virtual learning communities because they don’t have to commute to be there; they only need to sit on their couches or on their beds to learn. However, some prefer to go to traditional learning communities because there, they can understand better because of interaction. When they are confused, they can easily raise their hands to ask the teacher or their classmates for help.

Both communities, although different from each other, offer a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to people to decide which type of school they will attend to achieve the type of education they need.

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