Effects of a Virtual Community of Practice in a Management Organization

Dr. Roderick C. French


Dr. Roderick C. French is a dynamic, disciplined, and inspirational leader whose breadth of experience has garnered him the respect of those he leads, serves, and educates. His determination to be effective and efficient in his academic and professional life has allowed him to innovate, improve, and excel.

Informed by over two decades of experience in the United States Marine Corps (1979–1999), Dr. French acquired insight into the important interplay of psychology, leadership, and management. His Marine experiences and his desire to learn inspired him to pursue, upon retiring from the Marine Corps, numerous degrees, including a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Campbell University (1998), a master’s degree in management from Webster University (2000), and a PhD in management from Walden University (2013).

Dr. French’s PhD dissertation, “The Effects of Virtual Communities of Practice in Management-Consulting Companies,” has been viewed by academia and the private sector as particularly insightful and viable. Consequently, he has found a growing demand in the marketplace for his skills as an executive coach who specializes in organizational effectiveness. Demand for his guidance in areas related to engaging and increasing the effectiveness of transgenerational virtual employees has garnered particular favor with twenty-first-century businesses.

Currently, Dr. French resides in Virginia with his lovely wife, Joyce. The Frenches have two children, Tifiane and Jason, and four grandchildren, Naseem, Jasir, Jayden, and Jaxon.

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